The Business Environmental And Social Responsibility Essay

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The tourist influx produces significant resource demands on the host community in the form of water consumption, waste generation, and energy use (Ashley & Goodwin, 2001). Detrimental environmental effects of tourism development include depletion of nonrenewable resources such as water, land, and fossil fuels; demolition of natural habitats; and changes in the number and diversity of species from activities such as fishing, scuba diving, and hunting (Garcia de Leaniz & Rodríguez del Bosque, 2015). Wahab & Pigram (1997) state the goal of the tourism industry should be to prolong the nonrenewable resources and maintain the fragile ecosystems and authentic cultural and historical heritage of the host community. New planning, management, and education are needed for the tourist industry to minimize waste with the utilization of reduce, recycle, and reuse policy and to improve energy efficiency and land conservation (Ashley & Goodwin, 2001). The Business Environmental and Social Responsibility (BESR) is a concept designed for hotels to create healthy environmental policies and quality employment which promotes employee well-being and safety in their jobs (Kasim, 2003).
Host communities benefit from the economic growth from tourism; however, detrimental social effects on the host community such as increased crime, exploitation of female workers, and loss of culture can result. According to Gibson and Bentley (2006), “Social effects are broad ranging and refer to the ways in which…

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