The Black Death In England

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A gruesome catastrophe, called The Black Death, took place in England, wiped out nearly two-thirds of the population, and left behind a continuous fear amongst the people. This vile disease caused great mortality. Those that were affected by The Black Death struggled with rationalization. The three social pillars were forever changed once the Black Death entered England.
The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, claimed countless lives. The plague began in 1348, and the last outbreak took place in 1654 (Pringle 3). The Black Death was an insect-borne disease that wild rodents carried, such as black rats. They carried a pathogen called bacterium Yersinia pestis (Pringle 3). The plague spread rapidly throughout England (Saul 1). Symptoms
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Some also believed that it was a form of punishment for sinning and lived their life denying the reality (McGill 1). Due to their beliefs, many people began to perform different religious acts. Most of these religious acts consisted of begging for mercy, praying, and sprinkling ashes on their bodies (Galli 2). When they noticed these religious acts were not getting rid of the plague, the people began to criticize themselves (Galli 2). People who contracted the plague wanted to die and stop suffering. Many of them believed that if they went to a field and died, it would help (Pringle 3). Also, they began to harm their bodies and perform Christ’s scourging. They would use leather whips with spikes on them three times a day, one time in private and the other two in front of the public in the church square (Galli 2). Hundreds of people marched through the city calling out for forgiveness from Mary and Christ (Galli 2). Self harm was not enough for these victims, so they began to carry out barbaric acts and tortured the Jews. They targeted the Jews because they believed that they were to blame for the plague and poisoning the water from city water sources. Christians believed that the Jews were doing this because they wanted to kill all Christians and take over the world (McGill 1). All people of all religions were being killed by the plague, which allowed the people to see Jews were not specifically targeting Christians. However, this didn’t stop them from viciously torturing the Jews (Skwarecki 61). Christians would even burn Jews as an act of punishment (Skwarecki 62). There were a few people who believed the planets and astrology were to blame (McGill 2). In addition, some believed that a lethal swamp gas that left poison in the air was to blame (McGill 2). Although no medication could cure this disease, people believed if you used sweet-smelling scents you would

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