The Black Plague In Medieval Europe

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The Black Death was one of the biggest diseases that had spread all throughout Medieval Europe. There was no cure for this disease so it got worse and worse. I will be telling you what all the Black Death also called the Black Plaque had done to this country and the types of medicine they had. This all happened during the 1350s all across Europe.
In the 1300’s Europe had discovered one of the worst diseases ever in the world. This disease is called The Black Plague or The Black Death. This plague has been the worse one in history. It had spread all throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Before all this happened the population had just became to start increasing. In this country people are suffering from hunger so that also made them sick. People
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Then they would start to have a high fever and would have really bad pain. They would vomit and blood would fill the lungs. They would see death really quick once they had these symptoms. In the middle ages most of the people were sick. Children were the worse they would be sick then would finally get rid of the bug then they would get it again. Mosquitos would carry a virus that was called malaria. Whenever a mosquito would bite someone that person would get this virus. Medieval doctors didn’t know of any treatment for this to stop. There was no antibiotic’s in the medieval times. Medicine was made from herbs, spices, and resins. The medicine would be in drinks, pills, baths, and ointments. When the Black Plague was going on it was treated by lancing the buboes and apply a warm poultice of butter, onion, and also garlic. The Black Death was very contagious and deadly. Millions of people had died from this horrible disease in a short amount of time. Doctors didn’t really have any treatment to get this disease to go away. So when you look back and see what happened in the medieval times you probably wouldn’t want to see what the Middle Ages was

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