Essay on The Brown Vs Board Of Education

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The Brown VS Board of Education was one of the fights for better and equal education for minorities. Beginning with Mendez VS Westminster we have seen parents take a stand and wanting for their children to have a better education for themselves. Brown vs Education was the first movement for students themselves to want and fight for equal education rather than having their parents fight for them. Even though parents and adults did take part of the movement the students were the leaders. The importance for this case was for schools to stop segregation which caused racism and inequalities towards minority children who had to live through non-human school conditions. This case fought for the right of the fourteen amendment and the equal protection clause which students of all races, income and status were to be given an equal education system to have the equal chance of succeeding as other students. Also these students wanted to be accepted to their local schools which most cases were the segregated schools where whites attended. Instead these students had to travel lengths just to receive a decent education with decent materials, structures and adult support. The importance for this case to win was so students were able to feel supported and proud of themselves for wanting an education and reaching a higher education. Even though cases like these were suppose to change the system and the way that minority students were to be seen and treated in education, the system is still…

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