The Brown Vs. Board Of Education Essay

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The Brown vs. Board of Education case of 1954 laid the official foundation to the long construction of racial equality in public schools. The ruling officially stated that all public schools in the United States must be desegregated. Although the decision did not exactly combine black and white students evenly, it leaned the Constitution more on the side of racial equality. America has progressed tremendously in the 21st century, compared to the horrendous amount of racism that occurred in the previous century. Despite the desegregation of the education system, many minority students are still evaluated based upon their race, and limitations shackled around their success.
Teacher unions are an extreme detriment to the education system of today’s society. As these unions thwart the incline of scholastic advancement by demanding higher pay, but in return offer fewer credentials, and put forth lackadaisical efforts. Thomas, an African American male who grew up only having one black instructor, was inspired by such a coincidence to increase the likeliness of success in African American students. In order to advance the intellectual accomplishment of the student body, Thomas had to discover the root of present day failures in the education system. Surprisingly, the root was made apparent to be standardized test scores. To correct this issue, Thomas put in many hours of overtime studying with the students, to create understanding of the vague curriculum that was initially…

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