The Cinderella Fairy Tale Well-Known Fairy Tales Across The World

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Did you know that there are approximately 1,500 versions of the Cinderella fairy tale worldwide? Cinderella is one of the most well-known fairy tales across the world. It is also the most popular narrative that is told in numerous countries. Not only is this fairy tale written down as a story it is also an animation. Most Cinderella stories revolve around a young girl who suffers after her mother passes away and is neglected by her step-mother. The girl normally has a magical force that helps her overcome her obstacles and grant her a wish. The climax in the story often involves a shoe or slipper that reveals how beautiful Cinderella truly is. Without a doubt, Cinderella is one of the most remarkable stories. The Brothers Grimm and Charles …show more content…
All of the beautiful girls were invited to the festival so that his son would possibly find a bride to be. The step-sisters heard about the upcoming festival and they demanded Cinderella to comb their hair and brush their shoes off. The maiden obeyed their wishes and cried. She wanted to attend the festival as well. She begged her step-mother to go, but she was told no because she was filthy, she did not have any shoes and she did not have any clothes to wear. Then her stepmother gave her an ultimatum. Cinderella’s step mother dumped a pile of beans into the ashes and told her to pick them out within two hours. If Cinderella was able to complete her step-mothers request, she would be able to attend the festival. The maiden went outside and asked the pigeons, birds and turtles to help her. They all did exactly what she asked and she completed the task under the two hours she was given. She went to her step-mother thinking that she would be able to go to the festival only to be let disappointed and told no again. Her step-mother told her that since she did not have the proper attire, Cinderella could not go to the festival because she would embarrass them …show more content…
This was a French version which was written in 1697. The title of his Cinderella narrative is called, “The Little Glass Slipper.” Charles Perrault starts his story with a worthy who gets married to his second wife and who also has two daughters. In the story, he describes the daughters as having the same temper as the mother. The husband on the other hand also has a daughter who was described as gentle nature and sweet. After the wedding, the wife began to display her wicked temper. His wife could not endure the outstanding qualities of the husband’s daughter. She began to order the meanest task around the house and it was the girl who had to sweep the rooms of her and her daughters, and clean the plates. She slept on a hard mattress at the top of the house and her sister had the most stylish furniture. The poor girl endured everything patiently. She dared not to complain to her father because the wife ruled everything. She became known as Cinderella because she worked in the cinders of the corner of the chimney. Although, her clothes were poor quality it did not prevent Cinderella from being a thousand times more beautiful than her sisters

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