Essay on The British Settlers And The American Revolution

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There are many views on who had the right to govern the land that the British settlers had inhabited. On one hand people believed it should be the Native Americans since they were the first ones to live on the land before anybody arrived. Ultimately they were forced out. On the other hand the British believed that the British Parliament since they are the ones who founded the colony. Ultimately, the British settlers have the right to govern themselves in their own land. Due to the many skirmishes pertaining to the land in the Americas the British Parliament and Colonists needed to determine who had the right to govern the territory. Since the Englishmen were the ones living in the land that had been found it would only make sense that they are the ones given the right to govern themselves. There are many speculations and ideas about what brought on the American Revolution but the most relevant is the fact that the colonies wanted to be free from the rules imposed by the British colonies. In other words they wanted to be able to govern themselves, the same principles that America has built on. Also the settlers wanted to be separated from the Native Americans who they were constantly having altercations with since they wanted their land back. Unfortunately since the Indians had already been forced out they are unable to govern the land that they once owned, they will however be able to govern the land west of the Proclamation line of 1763. “King George III issued a…

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