The Breaking Of Standard Language Grammar For Presentation And Sound

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Poetry is the breaking of standard language grammar for presentation and sound. Most often Prose takes advantage of standard rules in order to phrase in consistent ways and increase comprehension about works of words in general. Poetry ignores all of these rules and established norms so that the poet connects emotionally with the the reader, doing what they will with words with no holds barred. Originally poetry was preformed and spoken to song or to background music. Many ballads or epic could be classified in this manner as the point is to tell the story but the words are organized in such a way that they draw the listener into the story, the listener is among the characters.

Established poetical practice of organizing words is done with meter a style adopted by the Greeks seen in stories such The Odyssey. Latin speaking peoples were obsessed with hexameter, an organization of six feet, each consisting of a stressed and unstressed syllable, with effects developed through the particular organizations of these feet even going so far as to give every possible combination a specific name. All Latin poetry we have unearthed follows this style strictly as the organization of stressed syllables is a highly effective means to draw your reader 's, or listener 's, attention to particular points. This strict adherence to the organization of syllables was followed by Shakespeare in many of his Sonnets as he popularized the English Sonnet.

In Spoken Word, structure of stress…

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