The Brain Works : Mysterious Ways Essay

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The brain works in mysterious ways. According to Dr. Rita Smilkstein we learn in a series of steps and something as to how you feel when learning something new depends on if you can even remember that knowledge. I believe that the way Dr. Smilkstein explains how the brain works is true compared to some of my own personal stories.
According to the research of Dr. Rita Smilkstein, humans learn in five or six stages, which she calls the Natural Human Learning Process (NHLP). This was true of how I learned to be more independent. The first stage is motivation and what motivated me to move out was seeing my parents struggle. So I decided to lighten their load by taken myself out of the equation. The second stage is beginning practice this was my trial and error stage this is where I learnt that the electric company wasn’t playing with their money and when they say they want their money on the first they really mean the first. The third stage is advanced practice by this time I was on a schedule. I was learning to find cuts and save money while still paying all my important bills on time. By stage four which is skillfulness I had added on more bills and I had less “final notices” in the mail. All of my bills were being paid on time and I was managing my money better than a forty year old. The fifth stage is refinement at this point I was learning to challenge myself and explore but not out of means. Mastery is the last stage where I can now teach others and share what I learned…

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