The Boys' Attitude to War in All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

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Compare ‘Gallipoli' and ‘All Quiet on the Western Front' in terms of the: · Boys' attitude to war
· Reasons for enlistment
· Experiences on the front
How do these change their attitude to war? What does this tell you about the similarities and differences the Australian's and German's experiences?

Analysis of Major Characters

Paul Bäumer

As the novel's narrator and protagonist, Paul is the central figure in All Quiet on the Western Front and serves as the mouthpiece for Remarque's meditations about war. Throughout the novel, Paul's inner personality is contrasted with the way the war forces him to act and feel. His memories of the time before the war show that he was once a very different man from the despairing soldier who now
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His idea of a cure for Tjaden's bed-wetting—making him share a bunk with Kindervater, another bed wetter—is vicious, especially since the bed-wetting results from a medical condition and is not under Tjaden's control. At this stage of the novel, Himmelstoss represents the meanest, pettiest, most loathsome aspects of humanity that war draws out. But when he is sent to fight at the front, Himmelstoss experiences the same terror and trauma as the other soldiers, and he quickly tries to make amends for his past behavior. In this way, Remarque exhibits the frightening and awesome power of the trenches, which transform even a mad disciplinarian into a terrorized soldier desperate for human companionship.

Character List

Paul Bäumer -

A young German soldier fighting in the trenches during World War I. Paul is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. He is, at heart, a kind, compas-sionate, and sensitive young man, but the brutal expe-rience of warfare teaches him to detach himself from his feelings. His account of the war is a bitter invective against sentimental, romantic ideals of warfare. Paul Bäumer (In-Depth Analysis)

Stanislaus Katczinsky -
A soldier belonging to Paul's company and Paul's best friend in the army. Kat, as he is known, is forty years old at the beginning of the novel and has a family at home. He is a resourceful, inventive man

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