The Boy Scouts Are Socially Awkward Kids Who Play With Knifes, Fire And Guns

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Ask anyone to describe a Boy Scout and they will probably tell you that Boy Scouts are socially awkward kids who play with knifes, fire and guns. Stereotypes are oversimplifications about groups or individuals. What makes up a stereotype is that a bit of truth is blown completely out of proportion. When stereotyping, society will see a small section of a group, and assume that the entire group fits within what has been observed. There are many different stereotypes regarding members of the Boy Scouts of America, but the most common involve cutting, destruction, fire and acting crazy. Most non-scouters also believe that Scouts are also very cliquey and don 't take kindly to outsiders. What those who hold on to the above stereotypes miss out on though is that all scouts come from different backgrounds and have different troop experiences. One event that may be seen as crazy and abnormal, really, if looked at deeper is really a normal interaction amongst young men, and would not be new or surprising to non-scouters. Many people believe that Boy Scouts play with knives. This is not entirely true. If a scout wants to take a knife camping or to a scout activity he would need to have earned the “Totin’ Chip” award, and have the card signifying that he has passed the requirements of the award in order to carry a knife with him on the sout activity. In order to obtain this award, the Scout need to sit down and talk to his leader and go over all the rules and safe handling…

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