Essay about The Boston Tea Party Protest

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Throughout history, the process of protest has influenced the present the past and will continue to influence the future. It has created the world as we know it and has been a force that is undeniably changed the course of history. The Boston Tea Party protest is an early example, it helped form our nation. The civil rights movement showed us that with careful planning change can be forced. Throughout this essay, it will discuss the history of protest, how it has influenced change, the current situation of protest, why it 's not working , and how protest could be transformed to reflect the current times. This paper hopes to influence current protest to upgrade its process of preparing for action to improve the outcome.

The protest has paved the way for successful change throughout world history. It has shown that with passion, planning, and group effort change is possible. The Boston Tea Party was an early illustration of how protest can influence and encourage action. On December 6, 1773, a group of men protested against parliaments Tea Act by throwing 92,600 lbs of tea into the Boston Harbor. This was their way of protesting parliament 's power to impose commercial monopolies upon them. The events that evening contributed to the radicalization of anti-Parliament protests, up and down the seaboard. The British response to those actions was the ordered closing of the port of Boston. This action incited a coordinated sequence of inter-colonial boycotts that made the…

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