Essay about The Book User Unfriendly, By Joseph Corn

2103 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
In the book User unfriendly, Joseph Corn presents his case of how we will always have issues with technology, whether they are big or small. Also, the more complex the technology, the more new skills are required to use them. Corn proves his theory while reviewing different technologies that have been developed since early America. He briefly reviews/ the difficulties users of the first clocks had, and how the sewing machine was easily accepted by women of late 1800 's. Corn goes into great detail about owning and operating the early automobile and the troubles the owners had. He also briefly/ reviews the history and difficulties of computers. Corn’s inspiration for this book was a rather small problem with setting up a new printer. His issue became larger due not reading the instructions properly and included several days and phone calls as well as a trip to the local computer store.
In the first part of the book, Corn reviews some of the technologies used by those living in early America. The earliest of these was the clock. While those who lived in towns or cities had access to clocks at the town hall, mills or factories, very few people had clocks in their homes. In approximately 1850 clocks became reasonably priced for the common folk. Two issues that arose include people actually acquiring clocks and people struggling keep them running. Although they came with instructions, these were difficult to understand, partly because they were full of technical terms.…

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