Essay The Book Plague And Fire

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Overall the book Plague and Fire by James C. Mohr captured my attention in the saddest of ways. From the in depth documentation of the fire that ravaged Chinatown and the devastation it left in its wake, to the tragic plague that killed the diverse people of Honolulu, my attention was focused on the amount of dead that was a result of this awful plague. Mohr outlined heavily the reactions of the people and how that negatively or even positively helped the fight against the silent killer. This book details the struggle that the doctors went through and how they originally failed to contain the plague in the city and the effect that all of the social and economic factors held in the outbreak of the plague. From the advancement of wooden to iron ships, the socioeconomic growth, and the racial tensions that were held, it was all interconnected in a tangled and complicated web that were helped the plague spread in a dangerous way.
Plague and Fire was successful in the way that it explained the hardships that all the three doctors went through when trying to fight this plague and wrote about the smokescreen that was the Bubonic plague in the late nineteenth century. Usually, all we hear about with a disease is how ineffective the doctors were in the past, and how much our medical field has advanced. With Mohr’s book we get to see the actions that the doctors were taking and how they tried to contain the disease, showing their mistakes and explaining how it ended up helping them…

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