The Book Peace Warrior A Memoir From The Front By Daniel L. Buttry

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The book Peace Warrior A Memoir from the Front, written by Daniel L. Buttry, was very well written and was very insightful into the world of international ministries and what goes on during peace negotiations. Buttry’s purpose of writing this book was to show the world that there are two sides to every conflict. The first is the violent, bloody, and war that breaks out between the two conflicting sides. This is the side that most forms media concentrate their coverage of, but Buttry’s book shows readers that the second method is also very effective. The second side of conflict is to have the two conflicting groups meet and have a mediator help them reach a conclusion. These kinds of peace talks do happen quite often but are generally overshadowed by war and violence. Buttry purpose for writing this book was to show that peace is the way to go when solving conflict. The author of this book accomplishes his main message of peace conquers all by quoting from the Bible and using Jesus as an example. Jesus tells his followers to love one another and to love your enemy closer. Buttry is also able to get his point across by telling the audience a bit of background information on how he grew up. Growing up in a military family, Buttry was subject to only one way of solving conflict and that was through war. By changing his stance in college Buttry was able to show that one can transform a mindset of violence to solve conflict into a peace mindset to solve conflict. The author’s…

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