Essay on The Book Of Negroes By Lawrence Hill

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The Book of Negroes (Lawrence Hill, 2007) is about a woman named Aminata Diallo. When Aminata was eleven years old, she was kidnapped from her little village, Bayo, located in a part of West Africa now known as Mali. After this incident, Aminata is then sold into slavery. Throughout the book, she had her heart set on returning home, which she eventually did. Aminata left Africa and went to England so that she could present the account of her life so it could help abolish the slave trade. In comparison, Solomon Northup, in 12 Years a Slave is known in for being an amazing fiddle player. Two men insisted that they would pay Solomon a generous amount of money for his services. He accepts, and then travels freely with the two con men to New York City and then to Washington, DC. However, when they arrived in Washington, the two gentlemen drugged him as they were celebrating and sold him to a slave trader, who took him to be auctioned off into slavery in New Orleans ( The experiences Aminata and Solomon faced when adjusting into their new lives, as new people shaped their identity, and grew both of them as people. Aminata and Solomon both go through experiences that shape their identity, like both being sold into slavery. Three personal aspects that link Aminata Diallo and Solomon Northup are their literary skills, the changing of their names and their family. Throughout the timelines of Aminata Diallo and Solomon Northup, they were both recognized…

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