Essay on The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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It is astonishing how millions of innocent people died from such a horrible tragedy, the holocaust, being something that many around in the world cannot relate but will never forget. Those who have suffered in concentration camps have experience great pain that has affected them emotionally and physically causing changes on their values. Nothing can justify or compensate what these people have lost. Whether it was their religion, their individualism, or their wanting to live all things they are never going to get back. The novella Night by Elie Wiesel one can interpret how dehumanization of Jews created lack of identity or even another identity for them, forcing the Jews to starve, work and lose dignity.
When the Jews were given insufficient food and were suffering from starvation, it creates a different identity for them. Due to the lack of food, many Jews became extremely ill and for many, it lead to their deaths. In the novel Wiesel states, “Dozens of starving men fought desperately over a few crumbs... [and workers] watched the spectacle with great interest” when the worker threw a piece of bread, he was not doing it for generosity (Wiesel 100). The officer clearly did not care whether the Jews killed each other for food, it only gave him pleasure. With that in mind, many others tortured the Jews for the same reason, thereby treating the Jews as if they were objects, objects for their own amusement and objects for creating conflict. Throughout Wiesel 's experience…

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