The Book ' Cold Mountain ' By Charles Frazier Essay

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following their masters, as mentioned in the bible. Struggle was a continued subject following a North Carolina novel based in the times of the Civil War. In Charles Frazier’s “Cold Mountain”, there is a dual focus on the characters Inman, as he travels back to Cold Mountain, and Ada, as she starts her life with Ruby. The main struggles within this novel are Inman’s journey back home, his morals regarding others on his journey, and Ada’s struggle to live life without her father. One quote in particular that Inman remembers from Ada’s father’s sermons is, “that which shows God in me, fortifies me. That which shows God out of me, makes me a ward and a wen. There is no longer a necessary reason for my being. Already the shadows of untimely oblivion creep over me, and I shall decrease forever” (CF 76-78). This quote, in a way, can relate to Inman’s personal struggle, amidst the war, to remain good in his eyes, as well as the eyes of God. The journey back to Cold Mountain led Inman across the path of murder, lies, and ultimately death. While on the road home, Inman crosses a preacher named Veasey who was morally corrupt, despite being a messenger of God. Inman has to decide to kill the preacher or not, considering he was about to get rid of a girl whom he got pregnant. The girl is returned to her bed to sleep and Veasey is hung up in the public eye of the town, allowing the townspeople to see what he has done (CF 113-115). Inman’s struggle on the journey home was filled with…

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