The Book ' Best Friend ' Essay

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“Best Friend” I sit with my hand clutched at my heart and the other concealing my face while her car drove off with all of our memories with it. As she becomes smaller and smaller, I’m left detached with twilight approaching and the sound of crickets filling the air, I toyed with the idea of bringing her back, but decided against it. I clumsily kick a rock to the other side of the street, watching it fly into the bushes. As darkness overtakes me, recurring thoughts flood my mind and my eyes turn fuzzy, quickly wiping them away, all the flashes of the past overwhelm my mind repeatedly. Seeing the future unfolding right before my eyes caused numbness to tremble through down to my core. Knowing this, the beginning of the end was upon us. My best friend. The title seeming less exceptional than I used to use it for. The first memory I have of her began four years ago. I was standing in the doorway of the bowling alley gathering my composure before walking into tryouts. Reaching for the handle I’m met with another pair of hands. Words of apology filled the air as we both turn towards each other, the awkward atmosphere slowly arising. “Hey, are you here for the bowling tryouts?” Without giving me a chance to respond she excitingly claps her hands together, “Great! Let’s go in together!” She claps her hands once more and hurriedly leads the way inside. Throughout the remaining days of the tryouts we stuck with each other and had ever since, or so I thought. She used to call…

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