The Bombing Of Hiroshima, Japan Essay

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The bombing of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945 proved to be a controversial ending to the Second World War. There were several reasons why the bomb was dropped, but it still remains that the main reason given to the public was to end the war. However, the US used this opportunity to initiate a sense of power over the Soviet Union in order to discourage the spread of communism. President Harry Truman spoke of this bombing at the White House to inform the American public of his reasoning for this atomic bomb, and how it will be known for much more than “the size of the enterprise, it’s secrecy, [or] its cost.”. The immense amount of destruction and devastation seen by the innocent people of Hiroshima is unbearable to come to terms with. Father John A. Siemes gives an eyewitness account of the devastation, and gives details that are too horrific to consider. This bomb wasn’t an end to a war, it was an opportunity to win a power struggle. The United States dropped an atomic bomb to end World War II, however, in reality, the US used this opportunity to push their own political agenda of a new democracy on the Japanese government during this vulnerable time. The decision to drop the bomb was publicly announced to “end the war quickly” , however the reality is that it was meant to show off war power to stop the spread of communism from the Soviet Union. The bombing of Pearl Harbor initiated the US’s involvement in World War II, and therefore initiated a deep seeded resentment in the…

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