The Body Of A Child Needs Essay example

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Calories can be defined as the energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. Calories are energy that fuels our body. Without a sufficient number of calories, many of our bodily functions would be nonexistent. When discussing calories with food, calories describe how much energy a body may receive from eating or drinking that item. Nutrition labels often have an amount of calories on them for the viewer. This is important because a typical body can only consume a certain amount of calories before over eating for the day (What is a Calorie?). A typical child needs thirteen hundred calories a day in order to provide their body with enough energy. With that being said, this may vary depending on the child and how active the child might be. The body of a child needs calories from a variety of different foods to grow and develop (What is a Calorie?). Calories are a way for an individual to count the amount of energy that it is providing the body. There are many different components of weight control. Each of these can help the body remain at a sufficient weight for that person. Typically, the three main components are healthy eating, exercise, and the individuals view. Eating healthy has been proven to supply a sufficient weight control. By eating healthy, the body is being provided with the necessary requirements it needs in order to provide its functions. Along with that, exercise is another crucial component. Exercise allows the body to…

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