The Bluest Eye And Native Son Analysis

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The present study attempts to analyses selected works of the two eminent American authors on whom very little research work seems to have been undertaken through the angle of Black aesthetics. Richard Wright and Toni Morrison novelists are an effort to bring out the central theme of the Black American experience in an unjust society like America. Compare and contrast the ways that these two American writers have conceived the relationship between racial oppression (black) and the institution of the family (society) in their respective works of Toni Morrison’s Beloved (1987), Bluest eye (1970), and Richard Wright’s Native Son (1940), Black boy (1945). The novel, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison has tried to redefine beauty and the identity
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These differences can be linked to the vastly different contexts of production of each author and, as a consequence, their own very different ideological view of the solution to the dysfunctionality of the institution of the black family and black life in general. However, both Wright and Morrison would surely agree that the dysfunctionality of black families is the result of the history and facts of slavery in the USA and the continued racist attitudes of that country. There are also differences because of the gender of the chief protagonist: Morrison’s Sethe is a mother and Morrison explores the dynamics of being a mother under the system of slavery, while Wright explores a type of black masculinity during a decade of economic recession. In Native Son Richard Wright seems to be stating that racist America created Bigger and if America changed its racist position, then there would no more be Biggers. Bigger Thomas is the killer of two women: Mary Dalton, his employer’s daughter, and Bessie Mears, his Black girlfriend. Wright seems to project that Bigger’s violence is one of the effects of slavery, repression and oppression to which the Blacks were subjected in American life, society and history right from the beginning of the system of slavery. Through this novel, Richard Wright wants to show unjust White American society and Negro’s attitude towards this society and vice versa. Furthermore, Wright seems to project that although Bigger is a Black man, he is a native son of the United States. Wright added one more angle to Bigger’s violent acts by opining that Bigger would not have become a murderer if the White community had recognized his humanity. In this

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