The Black Power Movement And Its Impact On The Civil Rights Movement

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The Black power movement did not have a significant impact on the Civil rights protest movement in the USA, as its unclear political aim and violence based values undermined King’s policy of maintaining the moral high ground and lost much of white sympathy he had worked incredibly hard to gain; as Black power supporters would be behaving exactly like white racist viewed them, uneducated savages.

The movement it self stemmed from Malcolm X earlier days preaching that integration meant surrender to white supremacy, and that King’s aims of total assimilation into the white society implied that African Americans had little that was worth preserving. X on his turn was highly influenced by Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam, as well as his rough upbringing. One of Malcolm’s X’s first memories is of his home in Omaha burning down, which was believe to be the action of the Klux Klux Klan; in addition to the memories of his father’s rousing sermons and the beatings the minister gave his children and wife. X’s believed his father to be a victim of brainwashing by white people, who infected black people with self-hatred, who would than pass down to his household a form of the abuse he was submitted as a black man. Later in 1931, his father was killed by what was also believed to be the works of the Klan; Louise Little (his mom) was terribly stricken by her husband’s death and became psychologically unstable and in no condition to raise 7 children.

After his mom’s break down…

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