The Black Death Plague Of A Poor Man Essay

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When the rags of a poor man who died of this disease were thrown into the public street, two pigs came upon them, as they are wont to do, and first with their snouts and then with their teeth they took the rags and shook them around; and within a short time, after a number of convulsions, both pigs fell dead upon the ill-fated rags, as if they had been poisoned (Boccaccio, p. 323). The Black Death plague began in Central Asia and ravaged through China, Mongolia, northern India and the Middle East, through the trade routes during the 1330s and 1340s. Giovanni Boccaccio was a writer and poet from Florence; his work The Decameron became quite famous and in Perspectives from the Past, Primary Source in Western Civilizations, the Introduction of this piece is included. The Decameron meaning, ten days, tells of seven women and three men who flee Florence to escape the Black Death plague and hide out in a nice countryside estate. To avoid becoming bored they set up a system where they tell a story every day. Even though the Introduction is only included in Perspectives from the Past, The Decameron’s full text, “puts together a compilation of one hundred comic tales (Brophy et al. p.321).” The Introduction showcases the truthiness to how intense and easily spread the plague was, how parents reacted to their children being sick, their attitudes and actions of possibly becoming sick and watching their neighbors die. His intended audience is all who would enjoy the stories…

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