The Black Death Of Europe Essay

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Jessica Facer
Mrs. miller
English 12
23 September 2016
It may be inconceivable for some to think that a children’s rhyme such as Ring Around the Rosie would actually be about a disease that killed over a third of Europe’s population in the 1300s. The Black Death occurred in Europe during 1347-1351, and has affected the way that scientists and researchers look at diseases today. The Black Death-also known as the plague or Black Plague- came to Europe in the form of fleas that traveled on rats, and then killed millions of Europeans. The Black Death had a great effect on the population of Europe from the time it started infecting people, to the height of the plague, and even after it ended.
The Black Death began in Asia and the Far East before it ever reached Europe. The plague was caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis, and it could travel pneumonically or through the bite of an infected flea or rat. Both rats and fleas were a common sight aboard ships, which is how the Black Death came to Europe. The plague was first seen in Sicily, Italy where a ship arrived from traveling around the Black Sea. aboard the ship, many of the sailors were dead and the ones still living were very sick. The infected sailors had high fevers, were vomiting, delirious, and covered with black boils that excreted puss and blood. After seeing this disease they tried sending all of the other returning ships away, but it was too late (“Black Death”). The Black Death started…

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