Essay on The Black Cat By Edgar Allen Poe

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Famous American short story writer Edgar Allen Poe uses point of view effectively in “The Black Cat.” “The Black Cat” was first published in the United Sates Saturday Post on August 19, 1843(Obaid). The narrator of the short story is in jail waiting to be executed the next day, and he wants to set the story straight on the crime that propelled him there. The narrator and his wife love pets and have a black cat named Pluto, but one night the drunk narrator digs the cat’s eyes out and hangs the cat on a tree soon later. That night the narrator’s house burned down, and he saw on an image of Pluto on a wall with gallows around its neck. Much later after they get a new house, the narrator sees a cat who looks like Pluto on the street and takes him home. The narrator soon tries to kill this cat also, but his wife tries to stop him and he kills his wife and buries her in the wall in the house’s cellar. The cops come to investigate and hear a cat meow in the wall; they open the wall only to find the dead wife with the cat sitting on her head. The cops then arrest the narrator for murder. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809(May and Frank 1941). His birth dad, David Arnold, and birth mom, Elizabeth Arnold, were actors(May and Frank 1941). David left the family when Edgar was one year old because of his alcohol addiction ruining his career(May and Frank 1941). Elizabeth raised Edgar alone for a year and then died in 1811, leaving Edgar as an orphan(May and Frank…

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