Essay on The Black Arts Movement : Larry Neal

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In Larry Neal’s essay entitled, The Black Arts Movement, he writes that “the motive behind the Black aesthetic is the destruction of the white thing. The destruction of white ideas, and white ways of looking at the world” (Neal, The Black Arts Movement). Larry Neal defines the Black Aesthetic as such, to emphasize that the motive of the movement is to destroy things all white and is also introducing the politics of the movement. Neal echoes the views of Malcolm X, who urged for a cultural revolution with the purpose of embracing Black people and their culture, while rejecting the white mainstream. In rejecting the white mainstream, Neal also advocated that the new writers gaining recognition in the movement should confront the “contradictions arising out of the Black male’s experience in the racist West” (Neal, The Black Arts Movement). Larry excludes Black women and their role in society and infers that Black males are the only people experiencing racist treatments by white people. In regards to the Black Arts Movement, only the voices of Black men like Amiri Baraka and Larry Neal were highly recognized in the movements’ ideals and they omitted Black women who attempted to address their concerns about sexism. The voices of Black women during the ‘Black revolution’ in America, was very important because Black woman too, faced the struggles of racial injustice and economic difficulties, but also had to endure the unpleasant acts of gender discrimination. Several Black women…

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