Essay on `` The Birthmark `` By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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It’s not uncommon to find a classic short story or book that presents a theme or moral that can make the reader think, or perhaps broaden one’s horizons, and give them a deeper understanding about the world around us. The exploration of the realms of three classic American short stories including: “To Build a Fire,” “The Birthmark,” and “Bartleby”. The authors of these stories act as “moral Purifiers,” presenting their case through their creative works that, left up to the reader, may have a positive impact upon society. Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of “The Birthmark”, acts as a moral purifier as he presents the way they are within his short story. Rachelle Mucha, a literary critic from Detroit, states Hawthorne develops the theme of not trying to perfect natural creation through the short story “The Birthmark”. Mucha states, “Hawthorne perceived great danger in attempts to manipulate nature, particularly if the aim of the endeavor is to somehow improve upon natural creation” (Mucha). As claimed by Mucha, Hawthorne sensed a great danger in changing nature which would ultimately lead him to developing a theme trying to show the negatives of perfecting nature. Mucha believes Aylmer, the main character, represents Hawthorne himself. “A person to be possessed of something as perfect as mortal man has a right to demand; he tries to make it better and ruins it entirely" (Mucha). This laconic note was written as he had become acquainted with Sophia. As Mucha claimed, Hawthorne…

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