Essay The Birth Of The Pregnancy Serum Metabolomics

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Did you know that placenta abruption occurs in 1 in 100 pregnancies? The placenta is the way the baby receives food and oxygen through the umbilical cord which attaches to the wall of the uterus. In the Maternal Early Pregnancy Serum Metabolomics Profile and Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding as Predictors of Placenta Abruption: A Prospective Study, by Blzu Gelya he reported that women ages 20-34 had placenta abruption 64% out of others aged mothers. Also he reported Non-Hispanic whites had higher chance than African Americans. According to The March of Dimes placenta abruption can cause mild complications, but there are severe complications such as growth problems, premature and still birth. With this new study by researches Blzu Gelya he found a way to create a serum that offers the prediction of placenta abruption.
In the prospective study that was conducted by Blzu Gelya, who works in the department of Epidemiology in Harvard, published the study in 2016 at the Swedish Medical Center in Washington that worked with 51 women who were diagnosed with placenta abruption and with 51 randomly selected women who had no vaginally bleeding after the second trimester and who did not have any abruption diagnosis. In this study they collected a blood sample from women at 15-22 weeks of pregnancy, where they centrifuged the blood sample, and therefore separated the serum to diagnose a premature placenta abruption and also helped discover Down Syndrome and neural tube defects in the pregnancy.…

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