Essay on The Birth Defects Prevention Act Of 1998

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Policies are extremely important for every individual and seek to promote social justice. Policies also focus on the wellbeing of all and equality. Many policies are enacted as a result of an issue that has occurred in society. It then seeks to prevent it from happening as often or to stop it completely. Other policies are put in place in order to prevent an issue from occurring before it ever happens. Before a policy is enacted it is put through a critical and extensive process in order for it to be evaluated effectively. In order to provide accurate information and research for a policy, policy analysts are utilized to analyze each policy and provide feedback or recommendations. Policy analyses contain four main sections: the historical background of the policy, a description of the problem that necessitated the policy, a description of the policy, and the policy analysis, (Karger & Stoesz, 2014, p. 28). Policy analyses are a great way to show how efficient or inefficient a policy is going to be.
The Birth Defects Prevention Act of 1998 originated in 1997 where the policy was first introduced to senate. The policy was then passed and became law in 1998. Before the policy was passed many people did not have enough understanding of birth defects and their causes. Many people may have assumed that there wasn’t anything that they could do besides wait for medical care to increase. Numerous questions were left unanswered, for example, why are children born with…

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