The Birth Control Of A New Medical Development Essay

1647 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Almost every day, a new social issue is talked about, whether it be medical discoveries or a new technical development. A common question that often comes up when a new medical development is made, is if it’s morally acceptable. For example, when the discovery, made by Marie Stopes, of the birth control pill came out in 1950’s many were sceptical and against it. It was not forced on to anyone, it was simply a discovery, but many were against it due to religion practises, it was considered anti life and un-natural, it was thought to be a form of abortion, as well as many didn 't agree with it simply because it went against what they had earlier been taught. The birth control pill now is used by many, and by most it is no longer considered to be morally wrong to take. Birth control now, in the 21st century, is considered to be a good thing. It allows for people to not get pregnant unless they are ready, and it helps women who still have to go through the monthly menstrual cycle. The pill has and is making being a female easier for roughly 120 million women, and something that society can learn from the discovery, and the consumption of the pill is that change, in moderation, can be a good thing for society (Dalvin, Dr. David). It proves that our society is constantly growing and developing in new ways, and that society cannot solely rely on tradition. Like the birth control pill, laws and institutions also need to be able to change and adapt to meet the needs of todays ever…

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