Essay about The Biography Of Edith Wharton

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Biography Edith Wharton was born in to a society of aristocrats who accurately represented “old” New York; her family was wealthy, intellectual, and rigidly conventional (Bruce). She was educated by tutors and governesses about proper manners, dress, and lifestyle. She was expected to excel in her aristocratic society and was not allowed to read literature—a rule that she broke frequently by obtaining classics from her father’s bookshelves. Her childhood ended with her father’s death in March of 1892. Attempting to adhere to her customary expectations, she married a social elite at the age of twenty-three. Her husband was a wealthy Boston banker, who led an affluent social life in America that was uninterrupted by children or financial concerns. Despite Wharton’s ability to perform her social tasks well, she had a desire to establish her individuality and intellectual independence. She began writing poems, stories, books, and travel pieces; which led her to becoming an embarrassment to her husband and friends. Fortunately, she befriended the writer Henry James, who supported her writing and emotional stability through times of turmoil. Wharton claimed that she wrote for entertainment, but her personal diary reveals that the only way for her to cope with the “moral solitude” of her marriage was to create an imaginary world through the literary arts (Bruce). She moved to France in 1907 and rarely returned to the United States after her departure. Despite her dissatisfaction…

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