The Bias Of The Capitalist Class Essay

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The Bias of the Capitalist Class in the Mass Media When you think of the United States of America, a variety of principles and values come to mind. Some of the most prominent include it being deemed the land of opportunity while others may view it as a country of social, political, and economic freedom. All of these attributes sound lovely in theory and could easily be found in a tourist pamphlet, however, this way of thinking is far from the truth. This advertised freedom is blanketed by the claim that the United States is a democracy, or a government ruled by the people, for the people. Although the sole purpose of a democracy is to prevent a small minority from making the decisions for the majority, all while allowing its citizens to have an equal voice in the process, what takes place in the United States is the complete opposite. In actuality, it is the ruling class, also known as the capitalist class that holds the greatest influence over the government, its decisions, and its policymaking procedures. According to the in-class lecture, members of the capitalist class tend to be chief executive officers, the principle stock holders of corporate America, investors, heirs to fortunes, and even high ranking government officials. Members of this elite group own the means for producing goods and services. Their ownership of these entities also means that they have total control over the distribution of their goods and services. One of the greatest examples of their control…

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