Essay on The Between Urban And Suburban Spaces

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Urban and suburban spaces both share qualities within their parks that add value to their own community, however particular aspects affecting each open space can vary between the urban and suburban due to factors that can have a different effect depending on location. A factor that plays the role in shaping public spaces is surrounding monuments and their purpose in their location. Each monument can attract varying numbers of crowds and also suggest a specific emotion or energy in the space surrounding. Another aspect that can affect a public space is density and the physical properties of surrounding buildings which can define a space. A higher building density can frame a public space which encourages users to explore the space and adds value to the opportunity of greenery in such an urbanised space where as this may not have the same effect in the suburban zone. Hurstmere green in Takapuna is a prime example of the suburban space fit between retail, business, residential and a popular beach whereas St Patricks square is a great example of the Urban Park right next a symbol of New Zealand’s historic heritage and in the middle of a dense city.

Monuments surrounding spaces and the nature of them monuments can determine the nature of activity in the park or even the types of people that visit the location. A major building type is eateries, which play a big role in the suburban Hurstmere green, they attract crowds of people that gather to meet over a meal and to bond with a…

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