The Between Europe And Asia Essay

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In the 15th century, the search for the trade route between Europe and Asia led to the Age of Discovery, a rise in global trade, in which European empires were exploring oversea lands and expanding Western European influence. This was the starting point of European colonial empires that followed for the next six centuries. Eventually, it was believed that without proper knowledge of the people they ruled, the colonial rulers were at a disadvantage, which led to the study of the Orient and the creation of Orientalism. (Said 1979) As the conquerors of India "sought to control its subject people more fully [...] they proclaimed themselves an Indian empire" (Metcalf 2002, 439) eventually creating the Indo-Saracenic style architecture which supported and showed the control of British empire on India in its fullest. (Metcalf 2002) In fact, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, redesigned by architect John Nash in 1815 in an Indo-Saracenic revival style, represents the use of Eastern architecture by the Western World, in which the European superficially incorporated Oriental architecture in Western architecture solely as a romantic sheer facade. The following paper will discuss the use of Oriental aesthetic while the structure of the building itself is of Western style and designed by Western architects, as well as the Oriental picturesqueness of the Royal Pavilion and the influence of the Orient on the romantic movement which was sought in the architecture of the 18th century.


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