Essay about The Best Road For Progress Is Freedom 's Road

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“In order to find stability in the world, we must first find stability within ourselves” -Tyler J. Hebert. For Instance, if we are not able to exercise the natural right of finding content, emotionally and mentally, then how do we expect to be stable people and create a stable and prosperous society ? To be honest, we can’t, there must be a balance between both stability and freedom. Furthermore, being defined by others and being confined to daily monotonous routines in order to maintain stability like in Brave New World will lead us nowhere, like John F. Kennedy once said “ The best road to progress is freedom’s road. However, in Brave New World they seem to have avoided that road at all costs in order to sustain their stability. Thus, their use of technological advances, by the World State such as the assembly line for mass production of goods and services, including humans, are simply a distraction from reality, and instead of a technologically advanced society, it is oppressing people from the advancement of individuality. Without expression of one’s Individual freedom, one will most likely be obedient towards everything that the government enforces whether it be right or wrong.

In Addition to this, when an authority figure comes into place with such strong values, they will go above and beyond to enforce and maintain them in their society. For Example, in Brave New World, the “Bokanovsky’s Process,” repeated the Director, and the students underlined the words in…

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