The Best Of Budget Motorcycle Helmets Essay

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Best of Budget Motorcycle Helmets

Introduction: Why You Should Invest in a Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is the protection you want for your head and neck in the event of a crash. Wearing a helmet cuts down on wind noise and so helps you hear better. It protects your eyes from the wind and debris so you can see better. And a helmet can protect you from the fatigue effect caused by riding through the wind, too, so you can stay alert. What should you consider in buying a helmet?

First, let’s look at the protective elements of a helmet:

-The outer shell, the layer that sustains the hard blow of a crash, should be of a good reinforced composite plastic

-The lining should be Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) or styrofoam. EPS comes in several levels of compression strengths against force.

-The padding around your head should give a snug fit and be comfortable. Some compression will occur with hours of wear so add this factor.

-The retention system or chin strap must make sure your helmet stays on your head in a fall or crash. Double D-rings continue to be preferred as they are more comfortable against the chin. And the closure mechanism won’t malfunction with use.

Consider the fit of the helmet:

-Does its shape fit a long oval face, an intermediate oval, or a round oval face?

-You want no pressure points against either crown or forehead. Instead, seek even pressure all around your head. Your ears, also, should be enclosed but not pressed. Try the helmet on for at least…

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