Wind Turbine Pros And Cons

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Is it possible that the wind turbine can really bring benefit to the people and the countries? It is possible that a wind turbine can bring benefit to the people and the countries. Wind turbine is the use of renewable energy instead of using oil or fossil fuel that can destroy the environment and can also help support five hundred thousand peoples’ jobs instead of losing their job. For starter, construction worker has more work and payment by building wind turbines. Another benefit is the market of wind power is increasing from the support of the president and the government that has been making a huge investment in wind power. Wind power is the largest source of renewable energy in the United States of America and has provided two percent …show more content…
A good example of people that make a huge investment in wind energy is that President Obama believes these wind turbines can benefit the country and the peoples. “At the beginning of his Administration, President Obama set a goal of doubling U.S. renewable energy generation capacity from wind in 2012,” (Whitehouse). President Obama made the correct decision by relying on wind power in order to gain renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy that could destroy the environment and waste time. “Wind is among the most mature of renewable energy technologies and is currently the United States of America’ s largest source of renewable power, excluding hydropower and accounts for nearly two percent of the nation’s total electric generation,” (Whitehouse). Government in the United States of America has also started supporting wind power and started marketing. “The Market for wind power, however, has grown primarily overseas due to strong, consistent foreign government incentives and policies,” (Whitehouse) Hopefully, the market for wind power will continue to grow and will provide a huge

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