The Benefits Of The Medical Field Essay

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When formula grew in popularity for supplementation in the 1950’s breastfeeding rates started to decline. In decades that followed, the rates continued to decreased drastrically. Physicians stopped recommending breastfeeding to mothers and at one point thought it was unnecessary. As a result, mothers chose formula over breastmilk. In recent years, the United States created goals for improving these statistics by 2020 (“Breastfeeding”). We are very close to achieving these on a national level. However, with these goals almost nationally met there is still significant room for improvement. The medical field is the best way to get the information to mothers about the benefits for mom and baby. Education would start during pregnancy, to teach the mom about the first few days and inform her of the benefits for the mother and infant. More hospitals could strive to achieve “baby friendly” status. Most importantly, pediatricians could focus on helping new mothers by keeping someone on staff to readily assist with a lactation questions and issues that arise with new mothers.
Patients are more open to information when it is presented to them from their care provider compared to a person they a not familiar with or trust. Midwifes, obstetricians, pediatricians, and nurses could benefit from additional training in lactation. A subject minimally touched on in formal training, they learn the basic breast is best but not much more. Medical personnel who are IBCLC certified are the ideal…

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