The Belly Of The Whale Essay

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The belly of the whale is when the hero faces their greatest fear. During the night and moments before Grendel attacked the mead hall where the Geats were waiting for him, Beowulf is in the belly of the whale due to the separation of the old world and the new world being permanently detached and the fear of the battle being faced. Moreover, this is experienced when Beowulf is going into the mere. Furthermore, the belly of the whale occurs the moment before Beowulf faces the dragon and realizes his duties as a king and the ultimate fate of his death arriving. Beowulf 's death is inevitable and this acceptance is demonstrated in this quote, "His fate hovered near, unknowable but certain: it would soon claim his coffered soul, part life from limb. Before long the prince 's spirit would spin free from his body" (Heaney 165). In the initiation, the meeting with the goddess occurs. This goddess provides aid or wisdom to the hero to help him fulfill the deeds he needs to fulfill. Hrothgar 's wife provided a drink from the goblet which showed gratitude toward 's Beowulf 's willing sacrifice and also showed honor to Beowulf as a guest in their land. Also, due to her stature as queen she provided grace to the men of the court which helps show how she is the goddess as well as having a symbolic sacred marriage with Beowulf. In these lines of the poem the queens gratitude can be observed, With measured words she welcomed the Geat and thanked God for granting her wish that a…

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