The Bells By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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As I read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells” I began to realize that it was showing the timeline of a person’s life. This poem describes four points in the main characters life. This is shown using the various sounds of the four different bells mentioned and by using personification. Each bell and its sounds are used to express moods to reflect what they mean; birth, marriage, illness, and death. Each of these descriptions was clear to me in what they meant.

In the poem, the first bells to ring out are the ‘silver’ bells, which to me suggest the first stage in life. To me these bells, in their joyous ringing are used to symbolize birth and how extremely happy a person may be when their child is born. Edgar Allen Poe writes “In the icy air of night!” (Stanza 1, line 5). Which continues on to “All the heavens, seem to twinkle/with crystalline delight.” (Stanza 1, line 7), showing me that for now all is pristine and wholesome. I took the scenery in this stanza as a winter night with snow. This was because of the (implied) icy temperatures and the sledges. The sky would also have been clear to allow the stars to ‘twinkle’. This is the shortest, and to me the most pleasing stanza of the poem because it describes a time of happiness and overjoyed rejoicing, “From the jingling and tinkling of the bells” (Stanza 1, line 14).
The next bells to sound in the poem are the ‘golden’ bells, these bells are described as wedding bells. This part shows clearly that the person is so…

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