The Beliefs On Addiction Prevention And Relapse Rates After Completion Of Treatment Programs

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The dependent variables of this study are the beliefs on addiction prevention and relapse rates after completion of treatment programs. Beliefs on addiction prevention will be defined and measured by the 30-item Addiction Belief Inventory Assessment that analyzes participants’ beliefs towards drug/alcohol use, the likelihood of preventing future relapse, and the causes of addictions. Participants will also be analyzed by a 10-item journal questionnaire focusing on how yoga intervention has affected their recovery process. Relapse rates will be determined by urine drug screens that are administered and any positive drug screens that may occur due to illegal drug use. For the independent variable of this study, restorative yoga intervention will be used for all participants in the study. All descriptive variables of the participants will be collected through demographic surveys. Demographic surveys will collect age, zip code, drug of choice, previous treatment programs, and number of previous relapses. All information collection from this study will be used anonymously and will include no information that identify any participant in the study.
Study Design A mixed methods design will be used to collect quantitative and qualitative information on the basis of urine drug screens, beliefs on addiction, and beliefs towards the affects yoga intervention has towards their recovery process. Participants will be engaged in a longitudinal study that consists of 180…

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