Charles Darwin: The Father Of Evolution

“I am quite conscious that my speculations run quite beyond the bounds of true science”(Charles Darwin, natural selection). Charles Darwin is often seen as a man that questioned his own theory, by those who study the biology field and others that study evolution. When taken out of context the quote brings up some controversy of whether he should be considered “The Father of Evolution”, if he had doubts about his own theories (Natural Science- Charles Darwin). Darwin was not the first to have a theory about how evolution happens, George- Louis Leclerc Comte de Buffon study evolution in the 1700’s but until this day he is one of the most known for it. During his time he wrote a book called “The Origin of Species” and “The Descent of Man”. The …show more content…
The book explains his theory of how the organisms of the Earth had changed over time (victorsite- Charles Darwin Outline). In the beginning of his book, Charles Darwin begins by outlining his theory of evolution. One of the topics in his theory deals with the many adaptations and numerous different species that differentiate and change over time. Over time, according to Darwin, the species would begin to diverged. One of his first statements within his theory is that the number of individuals born for each species is more than can actually survive. Darwin’s theory states, that a fight to survival begins to happen because the amount of individuals per species exceeds the capacity. reword previous sentence That is when genetics start to play a role in survival. The better genetic traits the species has the better the species likelihood over survival is (Darwin Analysis). Then, those species are passed on to the next offspring which is when many different variations of one species occur. Those variations according to his book “The Origin Species,” we see as difference in shape, size, and the color of organisms. Even if the organisms are of the same species they all slightly change. The organisms that have changed have the advantage because as stated above of their genetics, their traits become more common among their species. The better genetic traits can help the species become stronger and live longer. Those that are the offspring with better genetic traits of the organism before is what Darwin called “descent with modification” (Darwin and Natural Selection). Through his theory, Darwin names the process in which nature begins to give different species slight advantages as Natural Science Selection (A Theory Crisis). Natural Science Selection is different from Artificial Selection, the two are often confused or misunderstood (Darwin: On the Origin of Species- Summary and

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