Essay on The Behavioral Theory Of A Rehab Facility

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Intro As of 2013 an estimated 22.7 million Americans needed treatment for a drug related problem but only 2.5 million received treatment at a specialty facility” (Drug Facts, pg. 7). This is a pretty big gap in needed treatment. One must ask why aren’t people seeking treatment? Could it be lack of health care, resistance or outright denial? Once a person has decided to try to escape their addiction they must get help. Clearly if they could do it themselves they most likely wouldn’t have a substance use disorder. A rehab facility is a place that can not only help people recover from the physical and mental drug addiction but learn to live a sober life free of drugs.
Drug Use Disorder A person may begin using drugs for a variety of reasons. The disease theory suggests “that people who use substances are actually suffering from an illness” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 101). The behavioral theory suggests that a person may be influenced by their environment and developed a “learned behavior that encourages substance use and abuse” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 110-111). There may be a history of “substance abuse in their family that has a genetic link” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 105). If all of these things are components that comprise a person’s reason for using, how can they possibly escape this and overcome their addiction?
Treatment Programs One way a person can begin to change the triggers that cause them to use substances in their world is to enter treatment. One type of…

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