The Beauty Of The Beast Essay

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The Beauty of the Beast Human race is on top of the totem pole throughout the history of mankind. Many people have wondered what it is that makes us who we are. Over the years, many brilliant philosophers argued the concept of human nature, but the story of human nature are sunk deep in history. Scholars came up with various answers and interpretations that may be vague or obscure regarding human nature, yet Nature’s single law is to keep balance in life between good and evil. Our society shared with values that affects human nature’s morality, and that is because of our ability to process through our mental state. Mencius believed that there are four incipient moral tendencies in the heart. These he calls, “the heart of pity and compassion, the core of shame and aversion, the heart of the deference and compliance, and the heart which approves and condemns” (“Interpreting Mencius”). According to Mencius, “We are, by the constitution, capable of being good,” replied Mencius. “That’s what I mean by good. If someone’s evil, it can’t be blamed on inborn capacities” (Mencius 80). Speaking of human nature, The Originals is T.V series that I used to watched. This family developed certain characteristics after their mother made them a mortal beast. Klaus Mikaelson is one of the siblings that is confident and determined on whatever he does (“Klaus Mikaelson, Character”). Many People hate him because of what he became, but little do they know that Klaus Mikaelson fits the right…

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