The Beauty Of London By William Wordsworth Essay

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The Beauty of London

The Romantic period was a literary time during the during the 18th century that focused on emotion over reason, the person over society, and inspiration came from nature. The main writers of Romanticism was William Wordsworth, William Blake, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge who each had their own unique style of writing that attributed to the Romanticism era. Two examples of poems from the first generation include “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” and “London 1802”, both by William Wordsworth. “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” looks at the beauty that London takes on in the morning when the sun begins to rise; however: “London 1802” has a negative outlook on London, and how Wordsworth wants to restore London to its former glory when John Milton was alive. The poems both emphasize nature in contrasting ways, but each has a unique analysis on the state of London and its elegance or repulsiveness.

The beauty of London is exemplified by “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”, while the opposite view is discussed in “London 1802.” The first poem that was mentioned, appreciates the attractiveness of London as it goes into detail about the beauty of the city and the stillness of the morning. Wordsworth is writing the poem during the morning, as the sun begins to rise above the houses, and the day is in between the population sleeping and those getting ready for the day. Wordsworth writes, “The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,/ Ships, towers,…

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