The Quarry Men History

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John and Paul were the first of The Beatles to have actually met each other. John originally started the band the Quarry Men in the March of 1957 with his best friend Pete Shotton. On July 6, 1957, the Quarry Men played on a makeshift stage behind the church just outside of Liverpool, England. It was at this small gig that band member Ivan Vaughan introduced the young, slightly chubby 15-year old Paul McCartney to the rest of the band (Lewisohn, Complete Beatles Chronicles 14). The members of the band were constantly changing and were rarely the same for longer than a few months, but John and Paul remained constant.
On February 6, 1959, George Harrison first met the band at the age of 14. By this time, John was 17 and Paul was 16. Even
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Now that they had their name down, they had another problem. They had three guitarists and one bassist, but no drummer. This was a big problem because Allan Williams, who had connections to German nightclub owner, Bruno Koschmider, had offered them a position in Koschmider’s club, but only if they could find a drummer (Lewisohn, Complete Beatles Chronicles 21). The Beatles decided to recruit drummer Pete Best not only so that they could go to Germany, but also because he could provide a place to practice in his parent’s club, the Cabash Club …show more content…
The recording session was actually with both The Beatles and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes with Pete Best sitting this session out. Lu Walters, a member of Rory’s band, sang the main vocals with The Beatles singing backup with Ringo on the drums. This single track marked not only the first time The Beatles recorded, but also “making it the first time that “John, Paul, George, and Ringo played together.” (Harry 13).
When they returned to England, The Beatles popularity continued to grow. They advertised themselves as “Straight out of Germany” (Carlin). Within three months of returning from Germany, they had their debut in the Cavern Club as the Beatles. The Quarry men had played here in the club’s early days when it did not allow rock ‘n’ roll music and Paul had only just joined the band. The Cavern club had since changed ownership and allowed rock music, making it more popular than it had ever been before. It was at this club that The Beatles met Brian Epstein.
Brian Epstein, who owned a record store, approached

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