The Battle Of The Xia Dynasty Essays

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Violence raged during the twilight of the Xia dynasty. Clans fought one another for territory and slaves, and the tyrannical and decadent last Xia king, Jie, no longer commanded the power to prevent this fighting. Warfare had traditionally been an activity reserved for the nobility, but Cheng Tang, tribal chieftain of the Tzu clan from the Shandong Peninsula, armed the peasants. After many years of fighting, his forces finally defeated the Xia king in central China. Subsequently, peasant rebellions would become a common feature of dynastic overthrows in China into the 20th century.
Around 1766 b.c. Cheng Tang was awarded the imperial seals and Emperor Yu 's nine bronze tripods (dings), the symbols of Xia rule. Cheng Tang founded the Shang dynasty--considered the first great Chinese state--which ruled for 700 years before its overthrow around 1045 b.c. At its height the Shang state covered a large area north and south of the Yellow River, from the Shandong Peninsula in the east to the Loess Plateau in the west. Although the first capital was at Bo, in today 's Shandong Province, the capital was later moved south and west to Yin, near today 's Anyang in Henan Province. This is where archaeologists have made the richest finds from the Shang era.
The Shang were warlike, energetic, practical, and thorough. Expanding on the foundations laid down by the Xia, they developed a vital, vibrantly effective culture. Whereas the Xia had lived in towns and villages, the Shang appear to…

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