The Battle Of The World War I Essay

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World War Two caused the death of millions of innocent people and the destruction of hundreds of years of civilisation through the viciousness of mankind. World War Two started on the 3rd of September 1939 when the Allied Forces declared war against Germany after the unprovoked attack of Poland and didn’t end until 1945, 2nd September with the defeat of the Japanese imperial forces. The Battle of Kokoda began on July 21st 1942 when the Japanese imperial army invaded Papua New Guinea (PNG) with the intent of capturing Port Moresby and using it as a launching point onto Australian soil. The battle ended on January 23rd 1943, resulting in an Allied victory. There were four people at war in Kokoda, those were the Australians and the Americans, who were allied. The Japanese and finally the native New Guineans who were allied with both sides and played a vital role in the carting of supplies and injured soldiers, Collin Richardson was a Kokoda Veteran who quoted “He said he thought I was dead but in any case he 'd patch me up… Next morning they came, the doc came, and his sergeant said, ‘Hey sir this fella 's just opened an eye’”. The Battle of Kokoda was a significant battle in World War Two for Australian soldiers and the Australian population as a whole because it allowed the fight for Australia to occur in the forward position of PNG, it was the first defeat of Japanese land troops in the Pacific and it built an everlasting alliance between Australia and the United States.…

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