The Battle Of The War Essay

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with the call to arms because this was not just any attack, it was an attack on an American base that killed American soldiers. In his State of the Union Address, Franklin Roosevelt drew toward this fact when he stated, “We know their choice of the place, an outpost, an American outpost, in the Pacific.” American soldiers, and the public, gained an extra sense of patriotism and unity from the events at Pearl Harbor, because it was an attack that directly correlated with the United States military and American soldiers. This act enabled them to come together in a strong sense of unity and patriotism, because many Americans used this attack as a battle cry for the meaning of the war. Joseph Martin’s speech speaks true to many American families when he states, “Remember Pearl Harbor will be the battle cry of the American people to the end of this war.” This battle cry led many Americans to join in the fight at home and abroad. As Americans ramped up production for the war so did their feelings, and their bond, as a nation. This war saw the feelings of unity and patriotism soar to new heights because of how the people responded to Pearl Harbor. As men and women started to work in factories for the war effort slogans became noticeable, and wartime propaganda became a large part of the American people. These slogans aimed at the feelings of Americans directly after the Pearl Harbor attack, and the propaganda was meant to push people into action. Some of these slogans included,…

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